Why I can never be an artist: / by Anna Rae

I love McSweeney's and I'm not ashamed.  I read the following piece by Michelle Webster-Hein about all of the things that disqualify her from a life of riches as a writer (which is a LOL in it's own right).  I started to make a list of my own and stopped at three.  

Why I Can Never Be an Artist:  

1.  I have a kid.

2.  I wanted/planned the kid.

3.  I'd give up art for the kid.

Anyway, here's a long overdue addition to the "Drawing all y'alls Facebook Profile Picture" album.  It's not the best entry, but cut me some slack... my work times are, literally, less than fifteen minute increments.  

I call this one "I accidentally drew Amber as a witch."